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Old 18th November 2009
Here for the gear

lots of noise in a track to be mastered !!

hey guys.. i desperately need help with this...
i recently started recording live shows for sum of the local bands i know..
i have a presonus fp10 but cant hook it up to my laptop coz i dun hv a firewire port.. so i used my frinds M-audio Mobile Pre to record straight out of the main mix from the P.A.

i did 1 gig very sucessfully.. and even though the mix had TOOO much vocals n less everything lse i could fix.. obv der was sum clipping which i sucessfully removed with the help of waves X-Click [thankx a lot waves]..

neways i went to record another gig this time with bigger bands.. but this time the tracks have a looooot of noise especially in the bass.. even x-click + x-crackle at extreeme settings cant remove it..

any help will be really appreciated.. if i can produce a decent master on these it will be a big jump for my career as its a very renowned local band..

thankx a lot... this is a link to a small clip of the file.. - music and mp3 sharing - download Rosemary Live Clip.wav