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Just in case the info might be useful for someone else in the future, here is the reply I got for Lynx


>1. Should I connect the stereo analog out to analog input of Yamaha
>then to the speakers? In this case I will have unnecessary AD/DA
>on the Yamaha.

Will, I would think it would be ideal to have the Aurora do the DA conversion. Is it possible to set up a monitoring path with the Yamaha that does not require an additionl AD/DA stage?

>2. or should I connect the stereo out via AES connector into
>Yamaha'a AES/EBU two track input?
>In this case I will only have DA from the Yamaha.

Right - as mentioned it is undesirable to have the Yamaha do the DA if you can avoid it.

>3. In any case I will chose Aurora as master clock. But should I
>use a BNC worldclock cable to clock the Yamaha from Aurora? Or I
>can clock the Yamaha via AES cable? For clocking is it better with
>a BNC cable or via AES cable?

That depends on the slaving unit. I know that those Yamaha boards are very finickey about being clock slaves. I would certainly try wordclock first, that is usually preferable.