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Old 18th November 2009
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Bedroom vocal recording.

I have very limited space, and best option I have for recording vocals seems to be in bedroom. Right now, I've got mic in front of wardrobe. Wardrobe is stuffed with clothes behind mic with a roughly random assortment of the side (sleeve) edges of shirts and sweatshirts. Doors are angled outward, not parallel, and covered in neckties. Ceiling is 8 feet.

These are my limitations. What can I do? If I pull out into the room more, I just have more reflective surfaces to deal with. So, can I put something in particular behind the clothes to help out? Remove the ties and put accoustic foam? Put absorptive panel on ceiling above mic? Angle something? Diffuse something? Should the mic be closer or further away from the clothes?

That spot is only place mic will reach where I'm not dealing with parallel surfaces.