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Old 18th November 2009
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Exclamation Driver Error. (err=13) with pultec pro

hey guys, im new here and i hope im posting on the right spot. correct me if im not.

i recently installed Windows 7 on my computer and the latest UAD software (5.5.0). After, i download my authorization, dragged it to the meter and got a successful message.

i open pro tools (i installed the RTAS plugins) and it gave me this error:

Sorry, one or more UAD Powered Plug-Ins have been disabled.

The plug-in was unable to load.
Device error. (err=13)

Please help, i do not know how to fix this, i tried re installing and re downloading the authorization key with no luck. So how would i fix this under windows?? i found a solution for mac but not for windows.

Thanks in advance.