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If I were to put a hardware eq on the market, I think I would lean towards simplicity. Full parametric controls give a lot of people quite a bit more than enough rope to hang themselves with, and a lot of competent people just want fairly quick gratification when they can get it. I would think something like switchable q ranges or switchable frequencies rather than completely variable can be a beautiful thing, if designed well. And I think I've seen some eq's that have a wider q on boosts and a narrower q on cuts, which is generally more useful. I think part of why I like a smaller number of options available is that it becomes easier to find an appropriate setting instead of hunting for the perfect setting. (Hell, isn't that what the mastering guys end up doing after you're done anyway?)

I love my Siemens W295b's, though they have some strict limits in the available switch settings. There are certain things they can do that no other eq I've used quite does.