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Thanks for the input Steve. I saw the API in the last Sweetwater catalog. It is really nice. I was kinda sold on the tube and SS versatility of the Avalon but the quickness of the API seems to be strong point.
The versatility many people in their mind ascribe to having different solid state and tube paths in a single box in reality sometimes are less than having a compressor that can actually work well with a wide variety of program types. Also - a lot of the mojo some folks believe comes from tubes is actually coming from a different "t" - transformers.

I think for things like fusion you're just going to get less obvious compression artifacts but more "analog" sound with the API. The 747 does have the advantage of giving you a basic 6-band fixed frequency and fixed Q eq - but I think just saving for a bit more and getting a separate parametric eq will ultimately fulfill your needs more.

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