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You should look at the Signal Transport Synth-Driver units.
Takes unbalanced synth signal, balanced the signal adds 6db of transparent gain and outputs a clean balanced signal (also has ground lift switches for each channel) ... you can run long balanced cables.
Its ideal for what you need- it ups the level and drops the noise (and hum if present, with the ground lift switches)
Without trying to spam this thread, i am selling one of these 16 channel units for £200 with power supply. There is also a 32 channel version on Ebay in the US if you need more channels- although its a lot more pricey.

yeah, been reading about those, in context of my studio. so i can have the backwall of synths balanced and brought clean to the AD across the 6m long mixroom. but, i'm not sure this would make any difference in my application live, since i already use a mixer on the stage right next to synths (its part of the performance - changing aux pre-sends n stuff), i don't run long cables, and synths go directly to that mixer as it is. and everything goes to the same power outlet.

so, atm i haven't any ground loops or hum inherent to the way its connected. just a few machines in the system have inherent noise i.e. space echo n stuff. it really isnt that bad, but i'm always looking if things can get improved.

sidenote: i did give thought to your transport unit for my studio.. how is the i/o sorted on them, 1/4" jacks ? and which version do you have exactly? (iirc they had I and II, and some updates since initial release)

@goldenbeers: yep, i wouldn't be using gates in any "creative" manner live, so very slow releases, fast attack, very low treshold. tho that is a possible problem as you say.. it can never be set ideally.