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I like the avalon 737sp better as a channel strip for mixing (mmm I love tubes), its only a single channel but I like it way more than the 747 (the 747 eq is ****). The 737's are perfect for tracking and mixing. There are many good compressors (some decent new ones out) in this price range. Tube techs sound nice but a little more pricey. UA 1176, LA2a, LA3a or emperical labs distressor (EL is basically a modded 1176) are real nice on your mix for various sounds. If I had to choose a workhorse compressor I'd pick the 1176 or distressor. They work great on just about everything for mixing if you know what you're doing.
He's looking for something to use across the mix.
He'd need 2 1176s or Distressors.

I can vouch for the 2500 here, and also the Dramwer 1968 ME