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Here for the gear

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hi jawmag..i m interested over your finding of the mytek and adat..i ve been using m audio from firewire 410>1814 and the latest profire your case i ve doing this recording mixing stuff for around 20 years and i still have the posessions of 20bit adat xt ad still in the rack do you intergrate the mytek and adat?Are recording via DAW and later sum to adat or record to adat thru mytek?thanx
Hi akaidai,

Sorry, I just understood what you meant about summing to adat. Actually, I am just in tracking and mixing phase right now of my current project. I will try to purchase the Mytek Stereo96 DAC so I can mix down to analog. Probably an Otari MTR-15 at 30ips, (I have also mixed down to the 20 BIt ADAT with good results, but its no comparison to the depth of analog), then I will go back into the DAW through the Mytec stereo96 ADC.

I hope that helps.