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Thickness of insulation in new wall.. I'd make it 4" if possible. Using 4" steel studs... Use anything that is close in specs to the Owens-Corning 703, which does an excellent job.

As for the layer of asphalt-sheets - not worth the trouble or expense. If you want great isolation, get the Green Glue.

The production company bought (before I started working here in august) a whole bunch of Ecophon Wall Panelâ„¢ A/Texona, 40mm. The sales rep told them that covering the walls and ceiling with this would be a perfect solution. Well, looking at the sound absorption coefficient chart, the absorption drops dramaticly at 500Hz and below, so no bass trapping. Kind of makes sense with the 40mm depth.
You could probably stack these together... or mount them with about 40 or 50 mm of airspace behind them to improve the LF absorption. - yes it will be pretty dead.. but after you get past the early reflection zone you could put up some polys or something similar to brighten up the back end... i dunno - it's soooo small..

AC is a whole 'nuther thing. We can get to that after you've got your design.