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Here for the gear

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hi jawmag..i m interested over your finding of the mytek and adat..i ve been using m audio from firewire 410>1814 and the latest profire your case i ve doing this recording mixing stuff for around 20 years and i still have the posessions of 20bit adat xt ad still in the rack do you intergrate the mytek and adat?Are recording via DAW and later sum to adat or record to adat thru mytek?thanx
Hi Akaidai

I run a Raid 10 DAW with a Frontier Dakota card. Its 16 channels of 24/44.1K or 48K, Toslink Adat Lightpipe and it also has a s/pdif input.

So I just run out of my DAW via Toslink Lightpipe into the ADAT. The audio outputs on the back are balanced, so I just send them to my Genelecs. (My set up is kind of thrown together because alot of my stuff is on loan with a friend across the country.) I found a presonus HP4 headphone amp laying around this week, and I have just routed that between the adat and my genelecs so I can monitor with headphones and a couple other speakers I routinely test my mixes on.

My input is a Neuman U87 into a Chameleon Labs 7602 MK11 on loan to me (Pro Audio friends are great to have!) going into my Mytek Stereo96, then going into my Frontier Dakota card via s/pdif. I have a Daking Mic Pre One on order (or backorder haha) to replace the 7602.

At that point there are three clock sources I can use. The Dakota, Adat and the Mytek....which for me is "hands down" the best clock source of the three.