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Hi Gang,

I was just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction and-or keep me from wasting money on gear that won't work for my application. Compared to most folks here I'm a noob to some degree. Anyway here is my senario.

Home studio w/ a Roland VS-2480. I want to get a hardware compressor for fattening the mix as I make a master on an Alesis Masterlink 9600. I was thinking on getting an Avalon 747 for the tube & SS signal paths. I record a lot of fusion style quick and busy acoustic drums. I was wondering if this compressor is a good choice for running an enire mix through?

Thanks for any information!

I have used the search function too. Came up with some info but looking for more. Thanks-
I like the avalon 737sp better as a channel strip for mixing (mmm I love tubes), its only a single channel but I like it way more than the 747 (the 747 eq is ****). The 737's are perfect for tracking and mixing. There are many good compressors (some decent new ones out) in this price range. Tube techs sound nice but a little more pricey. UA 1176, LA2a, LA3a or emperical labs distressor (EL is basically a modded 1176) are real nice on your mix for various sounds. If I had to choose a workhorse compressor I'd pick the 1176 or distressor. They work great on just about everything for mixing if you know what you're doing.