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I don't know if you are looking for musical examples as well as tips, but Steve Roach lives in those spaces (literally) - imho he's one of the masters of this type of sound

and Thomas Koner

Thomas K├Âner

and Stars of the Lid

Stars of the Lid

and Pete Namlook (FAX label)

FAX +49-69/450464

I use a KSP8 running 2 - 4 independent stereo reverbs (4 x stereo in , 4 x stereo out via optical) of varying sizes and depths - and don't forget the EQ . Usually mixing 100% wet ( little or no original signal) to begin building the space. It does take a lot of experimentation and critical listening to keep the layers independent - very easy to have it wind up a big muddy mess. I find that most of the work is in setting up the reverb programming ( and EQ'ing - on both the input and output side) and delays to keep them distinct. Panning and volume are just as important to get that multi layered deep and wide sonic signature. UBK nailed it - much more eloquently than myself.