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I'd go along with that ^

The most likely I'd sell my Avalon for would be the API. It's only a matter of time

747 has some tricks up its sleeve though. That compressor is better than people make out. You can use it to gently focus on a lacking area of the spectrum and it just brings it out a little bit, in an immensely pleasant way. Needle moving a hair's breadth. The sound of the compressor itself is classy, the make up gain amp is very often in the path here. Need better tubes though now, I've had enough. Good but not good enough, the stock.

I'm going to end up with both, aren't I
Most gearheads wind up owning most of everything audio related. I am trying to get enough cash together to buy a pro compressor. The new Vintech 609CA looks pretty bitchin too... but it is 3k...