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Old 18th November 2009
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sending out songs for final mix, some mixing already done

so i have mixed my band's record to the best of my abilities but we are at the stage where we need someone to come in and help put it all together. basically, we are struggling with everything from getting the bass to sit right, general masking, and getting it to sound great on all systems, and want to pass it on at this stage to someone with a bit more experience.

my concern is that there are a lot of elements in the mixes that we did that i don't want to be neglected from the engineer, and am wondering how to best bounce and send the files for work.

for instance, we love the kick drum sounds and snare sounds we got using real kick/snare + samples, along with the gates and reverbs. on the otherhand, the overheads we have just done some EQing that may or may not be should i bounce the snare/kick with the mixing we have done, but the overheads completely dry?

other things are volume automation. i don't know whether to bounce everything as a straight track or if i should keep the automation we've done. for example, the guitar in the intro we like coming in loud, and then getting soft in the verse where the vocals are. should we send tracks with this automation, or just leave it to the mixer to use his ears, possibly give him some notes.

basically the dilemma is that 60% of what we did in the mix could be considered "creative" and then 40% would be considered "trying to get it all to fit"...we feel someone could help us with that 40% but we don't want to sacrifice the 60% creative work we already did.

P.S. we work in logic and most engineers we know work in protools, or want to use outboard gear so just giving them our sessions does not suffice.