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Old 18th November 2009
Mixing/constructing virtual ambiance

In one thread before I read a post from Gregory UBK about mixing and constructing virtual space/ambiance and to start mixing from there first.

Most recent: mixing the ambience rather than the sounds. Building up a coherent holographic 'space' by pushing and pulling faders until it goes from 'nothing' to 'solid enough to touch'.

It's a delicate balance, until it isn't. Some guys will know what I'm talking about here.

It'll work for sampled/electronic arrangements as well, you just have to use two or three reverbs to construct the virtual space, then use your sends and pans to place your element in that space. Then you mix the spaces.

Gregory Scott - ubk
I recently started experimenting with that and I really like that approach as it differs from standard one where you add reverbs after. Helps establishing depth better IMO

Any thoughts and maybe more details ? Does any of you approach to it this way?