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Old 18th November 2009
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Humanworkshop Remix Competition

We've released the Dinky Toy Remix project last month and thought we'd share the results with you lovely folks. We've also released 2 further EP's and a Live Album. If you like Amon Tobin, Bonobo or dusty jazz, be sure to check out the following free downloads:

Damscray - Your Rainbow Color Changer EP
Blending exotic, nomadic beats with a myriad of other influences, Damscray delivers a rather cinematic EP. Definitely another highlight in our ever growing net catalog.
Humanworkshop || Damscray - Your Rainbow Colour Changer (Listen / download for free!)

Maartez & Frits - Live @ Stork
Maartez and Frits are both talented musicians that have found an exceptional way of combining live instruments (Frits on drum) and electronic music (Maartez laptop).
Humanworkshop || Maartez - Live @ Stork Radio (Listen / download for free!)

Mentz - Piani EP
Mentz has graced us with another lovely 'n dusty EP. This time Mentz teamed up with 3 musicians to add an extra vibe to the EP. So, open your finest bottle, light your smoke, kick back and hit repeat!
And last but most certainly not least:
Humanworkshop || Mentz - Piani EP (Listen / download for free!)

Various Artists - TheDinky Toy Remix EP
As Dinky Toy is to date our best selling single tune, we decided we should do a remix EP. To accompany this we organised a remix competition of which we selected two winners, being Jimi Python and Lysdexic. The EP also features remixes by Humanworkshop artists Leisure-B, Remus and Daan Hendriks' new alter ego Mr Answer, alongside the original track, Dinky Toy, by BASIC.
Humanworkshop || Various Artists - Dinky Toy Remix EP (Listen / download for free!)