thread: 57 vs beta 57a
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Old 18th November 2009
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I use both pretty regularly. A few things initially surprised me.

Overall, I use the SM more - I find that 4k thing suits the things I use it for (guitar, ratty drum room, LOVE it as the bright mic on wiry bass, the occasional dirty vocal). The beta is nociably better on a few sources - I much prefer it on snare, partly for the hyper pattern and partly because I hate how HiHat bleed sounds on an sm57. I've had good results with the beta on guitars that are overly mushy at the amp - if I can;t convince a guitarist to tighten up his sound I'll put the beta up to get some more punch. I also use the beta habitually on my own live vocal, but that's just my (bad) voice.

Anyone have opinions to the contrary?