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Old 18th November 2009
Lives for gear

Hi Clusterchord,

as far as signal path is considered, they can't fcuk up too much with gates. I think most (all?) units today use something from dbx 2150/2180 family tree of VCAs, so "cheap" VCA is not so much of a problem. When gate is fully open there are two things that can be detrimental to performance: high impedance at controll port of VCA which increases a bit THD, and noise at output of sidechain which modulates a bit audio passing through . All in all, not much to worry about. What sets apart drawmer from behringer is sofisticated sidechain/detector, not audiopath so much. Since you will use it as sort of auto-mute (attack at min, release at max), even simple gates will work.

Much bigger problem with cheap units is reliability. I had hilarious problems with Behringer gear, and I would say that using them for live is big no-no. My advice would be to ask around PA circles what is reliable dBx workhorse and get that unit.