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yeah I get that here......I deal with it in different ways depending on how desperate I am for money.

If I can I obviously prefer to track good bands with good musicians, who have there own sound.

Unfortunately sometimes you have to take on projects for bands that aren't good..... This is pretty common in the punk / hardcore / metal scene. I have been a big part of the punk / metal / hardcore scene for a long time...the underground punk / metal / hardcore scene has produced some of the best bands / musicans I have ever heard in my life......On the other hand one thing about this scene of music is that you don't nesacarly have to be good to be in it and there are a-lot of bands who put out records and tour that actually aren't very good..... A-lot of this music stems from punk rock.... and for a long time, the idea of punk rock has been that ANYONE who wants to can play.

To these bands having there sound polished is part of recording... and as much as I would rather record actual "talented" musicians and spend my time getting good sounds rather then editing drums and laying samples, thats part of the music.

I don't blame you at all for being turned off by this.... And I don't blame you for not wanting to take part. However at the end of the day as an engineer / producer it is all about serving the client and giving them what they want....not what you want.

If they want a polished recording that they can't duplicate live, that sounds like everyone else's recording...... then thats what you need to give them, if you want to work with them.

Unfortunately these types of projects make up the bulk of my projects...... however it is worth it for every GOOD band that I get to record.

Just make sure people know you are an engineer who can do it all..... if they want a polished, sterile recording that sounds like everyone else then you can do that.

If they want a recording that sounds like them, that has feeling and soul..... you can do that too!