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thanks Guys!

to the OP the system you linked to @ rain is an AMD. not even close to a Core i5/i7.
over priced and underperforming.

look at the benchmarks
Benchmarks for Pro Audio!.

AMD 965 (3.4GHz) only 54 RXC
even the i5 did 104 never mind the i7 920 which did 130.

so 1/2 the power of Intels least expensive new processor.

once again marketing seems to "rain" over fact.

Thanks for the info Scott!
Honestly, unless someone (or me in this case) is knowlegable to what the hell these tech specs really mean, it's hard to know the best way to go. I do realize the value in paying for service and expertise, but in reasearching my options I am baisically trying to make sure my choice does not result in paying $1500 bucks for the same custom computor that would have been $1200 from another PC builder....or maybe niether will perform much better than a $750 deal at Best Buy or Tiger direct.
I am glad I posted this question, it seems like the best advertising for you is the customers who support you and ADK.

I will give you a call to directly to discuss what I need.