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So I just recently installed the Enigma software for my action to work with pro tools and reason. Reason being my axiom would work sometimes with pro tools. I don't know why, but yeah. Anyways I uninstalled Enigma because I didn't like it at all. Yes I know I know...I am already saving up for the Axiom 61 pro so I can use hypercontrol.

Well here is my issue and changing certain zones and groups so the axiom can function with pro tools, the transport buttons are no longer working in reason. I reinstalled the most updated driver, and still the same issue. I am able to generate sound from reason through the Axiom, but no transport. I went to the override mode, and it shows that the transport buttons are assigned to the right ones, but still nothing.

Has anyone had this problem, or know how to fix it.

PLEASE HELP!!! Im losing time from my precious production!!!