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Old 17th November 2009
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Thanks for the advice John. Glad to hear about good modal response in a room with these dimensions! The shell is breeze blocks....then I am leaving an air gap, which is slightly more on the sides than the front, then the inner wall which is 2 layers of Gyproc 15mm Soundshield (was going to use Green Glue between them, but am trying to save cash where I can, so leaving this for the moment....can always come back to it if necassary, although will involve a bit of work) then a layer of 10mm RW3 Rockwool, then another layer of Soundshield. Is this a goodway of using what I have? I gathered I wanted an air gap between the inner and outer walls to act as a spring, then the dense part of the inner wall on the outside...rockwool, then less dense inner board. Ideally I would have built another breezeblock layer...but building costs would have become too high, I'm trying to get away with the least soundproofing possible as there is little outside noise, including traffic which can get it.

I am building the inner walls in such a way that they can move with me if needs be (London may well be calling in the next year or two). Basically they are all constructed with a wooden frame which goes round the whole perimeter of the board, to create a large panel. These are then bolted together and sealed to form the inner shell, which is fastened on the chipboard and carpet.

The floor below the carpet is concrete....I do believe there is a rehearsal room in the basement, but that is already significantly soundproofed.