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Old 17th November 2009
Mac 9600 vs G4+expansion for Protools Mix

I am setting up a tracking studio and I have recently incorporated an expansion chassis to my G4 ProTools Mix system as I now have 5 Mix Farm cards with 5 interfaces attached. I have noticed that the native side of things (When composing in Logic) is less powerful than when I had only 3 Mix farm cards in the G4 itself: am getting 6042 error"PCI bus too slow to playback audio" after only 6 native plug in instruments are being used (G4 has maximum 1.5gig ram installed). I then found the error stopped appearing once I cut my plug-in instrument count. I cannot afford to move up to HD yet but was wondering if, leaving the native side of things aside, ProTools would run the 5 Mix farm cards more efficiently utilising their direct PCI slot connection in an older Mac 9600 as opposed to what is a "bottleneck" out of one PCI of the G4 to the 5 cards in the expansion chassis. .. ?.... any ideas?....

(I know the 9600 only has a max of 756ram but my question only applies to the audio/ProTools- have decided to run a G5 for logic/instru plug-ins/compositional duties)