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Old 17th November 2009
Here for the gear

Originally Posted by Theo Baldus View Post
Thanks FredYeah for the support and help!

Chris replied about the SSL already, which I appreciate a lot.
BTW I just noticed he got banned,
what's that all about?

Anyway I contacted some SSL people from around here and found out that the pre's on the alpha channel are the same as the ones in the duality console. And not some consumer version. But maybe you knew that already...

I should be able to go and test it out soon. As well as Daking, Crane song and others, even if they're out of budget, it's nice to be able to compare them.
I'll definitely post some feedback and maybe audio files when the time comes.

Once again, thanks for your 'hint', every input is welcome.

Waiting for your feedback and audio files of the test for the SSL Alpha channel.

Best regrds,

Abdullah Al balushi