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Old 17th November 2009
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i'm only just starting out in my neck of the woods, so i've been doing alot of research into what the main recording joints put out here,.... and yeah i get the same thing here.

there's one big place out here that does the whole package of tracking, mixing and mastering, all by the same guy, and everything from folk to popy acoustics to punk to death metal all sound like the same boring mix.

technically, the recordings are very clean, almost clinical, but thats the only thing they got going for them.

i listen and i'm like, "where's the band i saw last week?" or "where's the mix, all i hear is a recording, wheres the record?"

seriously, i wouldnt be surprised if the dude just hit record and then render.

so i've decided to charge the same, if not maybe a tad bit more, and let the clients decide where they want to go. i figure the ones i dont get, i probably wouldnt want to work with anyway if they cant tell the bloody difference.