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local studio big shots

there are some guys who run a studio out of their basement, not a bad thing, lots of us do it. But they have a really tight hold on the hardcore/punk/metal bands in my area. at first i was excited. these guys were doing what i was doing but they could afford better stuff. so early on i was recommending them when i thought i couldnt handle a project.

my problem with them now, and what i've notice the last year or so, everything sounds the same. no matter what genre, what kind of guitar gear, no matter what kind of drums. everything comes out sounding the same. and EVERYONE LOVES them. Is it lazy engineering? getting greedy? they keep upgrading gear, buying nicer and nicer stuff, but they're still slapping what sounds like the same plug ins over all the tracks. getting the songs out as fast as possible to get paid?

i've recorded one band in the last two months.

is it wrong of me to think in stead of making it sound "good" i should make the mix sound like the band i recorded? does that make sense?

the worst part is i know i'm not the only one who notices, because i see jokes cracked about it online all the time.

and bands still go to them.

I CHARGE LESS EVEN! and i put out a better(not trying to sound full of my self or anything) product in the end.

ramble ramble ramble.

anyone else feelin this around them?