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. . . . yea I knew Tom . . to say he was difficult would be a serious understatement. BUT he knew his stuff. As Fletcher stated, he had one of the early SSLs . . . .which as the story goes . . . he proceeded to take apart while some guys from SSL were there during the install . . . doing mods while they stood horrified because he hated the way it sounded. He was 100% right. They did sound like crap! He was an ex-cop with a chip on his shoulder a mile wide, yet I liked him at the same time. Smart guy / just difficult! I mixed a few things on some of his larger monitors at Triclops with Mark Richardson (an old friend who also passed away). I had a semi tough time with them but many people (Mark included) loved em. I just wasn't used to them. Yep he made cool mics as well. There are GREAT 'pissed off Tom' stories. *smile*