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Originally Posted by Dave Rose View Post
I have a room, dimensions or the shell are :
Length 5.371m
Width 4.325m
Height 2.45m .....
The shell is made from 1 layer of breezeblocks.
Nice shell dimensions. good modal response.. 57 cu. mtrs.

Originally Posted by Dave Rose View Post
So....the floor will not be floating...exactly. There is a carpet in the room already, and I am planning on laying some flooring grade chipboard over the carpet to rest the walls on....that's it!
IMO, floating the floors isn't always necessary. Do you have high auto traffic in your area? Is there a neighbor below you that you might disturb? Building a wall on top of MDF or chipboard on top of carpet won't do much from an acoustic standpoint.

Originally Posted by Dave Rose View Post
Then I will build the new inner walls (spaced 6-10'' from the outer shell) using 4x2'' timber frame. The outside of the new walls will be:
2 layers of 15mm Gyproc Soundshield board, glued and screwed together
1 layer of 10mm Rockwool RW3 (highest density)
1 more layer of 15mm Gyproc Soundhield board
Layer of plaster and paint
Is that in order?? breeze block wall - 2 layers of 15mm Gyproc - Rockwool - 1 more layer of 15mm Gyproc - Layer of plaster and paint????

This construction is not an effective use of materials. But before I go into that, please clarify. Maybe I misunderstood.

Originally Posted by Dave Rose View Post
I am planning on fitting relatively large corner traps, using the Rockwool RW3, large diffuser/bass trap on front wall, large diffuser and bass traps on rear wall, large bass traps on side walls (possibly 2 on each wall, depending on amount of Rockwool left) and bass trap/cloud above listening position. I also have some accoustic foam which can be placed around the room if more mid to high frequency absorption is needed.
Basically, you have the right idea, but i don't recommend any diffusion for any area that may produce early reflections - like the front. Make sure that your first reflection points have absorptive panels on them and play it by ear from there with absorptive panels around the room. Just make sure you have no untreated walls or wall area facing each other. Polys could help here, especially if you don't want it too dead.

Please let me know your wall construction details. I'd be glad to help.

-- John