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Red face So I finally made my super-ghetto-lowbudget-chunks...

I don't have any test equipment to quantify the effects, but they definitely made an audible difference.

The frames are just a basic rectangle of 1x2 furring strips, I used unfaced R-30, cut into roughly 15x15x21 triangles, and compressed it vertically. This stuff is 9.5" thick, and I put 22 triangles (209") in each corner (ceiling height is 89"). After the frames were stuffed I just stapled some black weed control fabric to the frames... sorry for the crappy pics; they were taken with a friends cell phone. I didn't bother taking any pics when they were finished; I figured you could imagine what they'd look like.

Reading the Bob Gold's absorption coefficients made me think that the pink stuff would work fairly well for these, especially with the budget I had available. After everything was said and done I had about $8 into each corner, floor to ceiling.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out there for any other poor folks that want/need more treatment!

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