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If you're doing mastering you need as much bass trapping as possible. You're the final arbiter of the balance, so you need to hear as accurately as physically possible. As for diffusion, lining the rear wall behind you is common.

Thanks...yeah trapping is gunna be a i right in thinking the layer of rockwool between the soundshield sheets will provide a little trapping...along of course with the traps inside the room? Is this significant enough to audibly improve the accoustics in the room at all do you think, and if so have you any idea which frequencies this might help?

I was thinking of making a diffuser on the rear wall...made by varying lengths of wood facing outwards into the room (i forget the name of this type) surrounded by some bass traps, and on the front wall having a trap/diffuser made with 3 layers of rockwool, then covered in varying sized panels of wood, to create both absorption and diffusion. Do you know about either of these two methods? And what are your thoughts?

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