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I tracked a very good guitarist who used one of these a year or so ago and I thought it sounded pretty bad. It was recorded direct so there was no amp in the chain, which is how he wanted it. In the end we dumped those tracks and went with a live amp and a few pedals. I'm thinking now maybe he didn't have a handle on tweaking the thing after reading these posts. Good to know... thanks for the info.

It does require some know how, although it's a fairly straight shot once set up is understood. I personally like the sound of an amp with a mic on it in a room, and the Le does great there too.

Most folks are skeptical about these all in one jobs, but the le delivers, it really does sound good. I was excited to learn it.

For the OP, I was running it straight in my board in stereo, using the proper output setup, and it sound great! Even DI, you CAN get a nice room sound with the delay or verb setting dialed in with taste.

Try the stereo delay on this thing, really really nice sounding.
You can use the foot pedal as a expression pedal for ANY of the effects, even as an off and on switch, which is really cool when using the delays.

Also, some additional fun , since it has two outputs, running analog stomp boxes on the two seperate outputs either Di or into two different amps is wonderful sounding, it works well with other pedals.

I had a nice, rich and clean boost sound I saved as a starting point, I actually used the overdrive in the Le and ran the Left channel out through a boss flanger/chorus (dreamy 80's sound) and channel 2 out through a EH POG and a deluxe memory man.......two strange worlds collide in one sound. Excellent.