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Old 16th November 2009
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I've got one, gigged it for 3 years before getting a big rack setup. I found it sounded best to me plugged into a valve power amp, I used a Marshall EL84 20\20 and a Marshall 4 x 12. When used like this you turn the cab sims off and it sounds like a normal amp. You can probably run it like this into the effects return of any valve amp to bypass the pre amp stage.

It's also a good recording tool, more convincing to my ears than the Line 6 stuff when DI'ed with cab sim on. Effects are great, tuner is good and whole thing is built like a tank.

You can can use it as a stomp box in front of the amp with amp sim and cab sim turned off. There's a small volume control on the rear of the unit that controls the units master output. You can use that to balance the gain of the unit so it doesn't distort you amp unintentionally.