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Sounds like a cool idea, the only thing im wondering is how does the engineer hear the stereo image from the back corner of the room? Does he have his own monitors back there? How does that work when the band is listening to the mains?
Yeah, that's the workaround that one would have to pay attention to.

The way he had it, was to have 2 sets of mains. He had one pair (along with alternative speakers) on top of the console facing him in a traditional way, and another pair of mains (same model as his) was placed on floor stands, on each side of the control room window, right in front of the couch, targeting the couch head on.

During recording, he used his mains and we heard quite well from over there, since he listened pretty loud. Not well enough for engineering purposes, but nobody with engineering mindset would be sitting in the sofa anyway. Not seeing parameters and stuff makes you not listen to the sound too much. If there was a question, or anyone wanted to listen close, he flipped a switch and played it back from the 2nd mains right in front of us. This flipswitch also muted his listening back there, so there was no wierd stereo interference from his corner. He also had 2 pairs of K240s laying on the table where anyone who wanted could put them on and hear the main outs at any time. Those were always on.

I guess the room treatment couldn't be perfect with those conditions, but it seemed to work well. He had his corner padded up pretty good and the natural furnishing of the room dampened quite well when we heard it from the mains in front of the couch. It was a plush sofa, we were practically sitting on the mufflers.

Being a gearnerd forum, I feel like I'm about to get butt-flamed, for bringing up a "taking the gear/tech focus out" control room :P
Anyway, pretty "odd" but cool idea in my opinion.