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Here for the gear

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I've got the LE and think it sounds really nice. Yes, you can run it like one big stomp pedal straight into your amp. It's also a cool studio tool, you'll need the manual so you can understand how to setup for how you are using it. It's got different settings for running it to an amp or DI to a console or PA, so change the settings to match your situation, it's a nice feature.

You'll want to create your own sounds. The stock sounds were compiled by someone who can't hear, start with the amp head and then pick a cab.

I've gotten great sounds out of it, and still do, the effects alone make it worth owning. If your amp sounds good and has your tone, just using the effects sounds wonderful. I like alot of the AC15 and AC30 and the blackface settings as a starting point to create my own tones, it's an organic and tone friendly box.

There is also an online community group who share their settings, ALOT of people love this thing, even plenty of analog snob boutique pedal owners.
Good luck.
Thanks steelyfan. Sounds encouraging!