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Old 16th November 2009
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SSD boot drive - WARNING !

I just installed my first SSD drive, (under XP32) and had a few serious problems.

I thought I'd post here in hopes of saving other from the same aggravation:

The basic problem was that in order for the SSD to function 100%, I had to update my BIOS. However, this was not immediately obvious. Using the old BIOS, from Feb 2009, XP32 installed fine, and all updates & installs seemed to be working.

This ****e didn't hit the fan until after about 2 hours of work, when I found I couldn't access my audio card. Then soon after, the PC stopped recognizing the boot drive.

I called ASUS and they confirmed that only the latest BIOS was 100% with SSD drives.

So I had to update the BIOS, then start all over with a fresh format & XP install. Plus I had to do the floppy-drive AHCI driver-install thing.

Additionally, I was instructed to set the BIOS "detect SATA drives as" command to "AHCI."

Now everything seems fine.

Hope this helps someone else.