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Old 16th November 2009
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Vox Tonelab LE Straight into Amp

I've come across a good deal on a Vox Tonelab LE. It's problematic to try it out so I was hoping for some experienced opinions.

A few details - I play country and blues with a Tele straight into a Princeton Reverb or Deluxe. Sometimes it would be nice to have a little delay, chorus, volume pedal or distortion. Plus, if my amp goes on the fritz it would be nice to be able to plug straight into the PA. The Tonelab LE looks like it could do all this.

Most reports indicate the Tonelab works remarkably well into a PA. So, my question is this - how will it work using it as a stomp box directly into the amp? It appears that you can turn the amp and cab sims off, which would be essential for using it just as a stomp box. Is anyone doing this? If the Tonelab can work good as a stomper it might be a good solution.