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Okay that sounds nice. I hoped it would work this way . But I dindn´t understand if there is the opprotunity to bounce the mix you done while recording, offline? Is it possible or do i have to bounce it online like in Pro Tools? Or do i have the chance to record all singals seperate, mix them in realtime and record the stereomix itself, too? This would rock! Because in this way you´ll be able to to sone liverecordings and giving some CDs of the concert to the people afterwards! (together with a copy station)
Btw. does the MIO console support other plugin formts suc as AU or RTAS, so that I´ll be able to use my plugs like Abbeyroad and Sonnox etc. or is it just the MH Channelstrip?

And does the MIO allow you to do 5.1 mixes?