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Room advice for Mastering House pls!

Hello All

I have a room, dimensions or the shell are :
Length 5.371m
Width 4.325m
Height 2.45m

I need some sound 'proofing' but not a particularly large amount, due to having no direct neighbors and low external noise....but I do need some. The shell is made from 1 layer of breezeblocks.

So....the floor will not be floating...exactly. There is a carpet in the room already, and I am planning on laying some flooring grade chipboard over the carpet to rest the walls on....that's it!

Then I will build the new inner walls (spaced 6-10'' from the outer shell) using 4x2'' timber frame. The outside of the new walls will be:
2 layers of 15mm Gyproc Soundshield board, glued and screwed together
1 layer of 10mm Rockwool RW3 (highest density)
1 more layer of 15mm Gyproc Soundhield board
Layer of plaster and paint

This will leave the internal room measurements roughly:
Height: 2.35m
Length 4.8m
Width 3.6m

I am planning on fitting relatively large corner traps, using the Rockwool RW3, large diffuser/bass trap on front wall, large diffuser and bass traps on rear wall, large bass traps on side walls (possibly 2 on each wall, depending on amount of Rockwool left) and bass trap/cloud above listening position. I also have some accoustic foam which can be placed around the room if more mid to high frequency absorption is needed.

Please can you advise me:
How much sound insulation do you think my room will provide (bearing in mind I will be Mastering, so levels prob wont reach much above 85dbspl

What kind of absorbers/diffusers would you reccomend. What do you think to my current plan of action?!!

Thanks in advance guys

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