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Old 16th November 2009
most transparent noise gates you've used on synths?

im using buncha synths live.. my band is 16 - 24 channels typical. some boards or fx (like space echo) are a tad noisy, and of course there's a noticeable build up esp at PA levels. some of these aren't used for longer stretches during performance, but i dont have time to mute ..

now im thinking it would help if i picked up one of those 4-channel noise gate units and put em on inserts .. think that would clear up overall picture considerably

however, im wondering if a cheap noise gate (i.e. a cheap VCA) could phuk-up/colour my sound.. or smear attack on opening. i've experienced this with some other cheap equipment, but dunno nothing bout gates..

any recommendations? what was transparent that u used, that worked well ?

been lookin at dBx 363X or 1074... are la audio, behringer and other lower-end multi channel units really crap, or they're good enough for live ? i presume not quite..

of course, im not looking for high end studio stuff. a Drawmer DS404 is tad over the top, for example. as it costs almost like the mixer were getting (the wz3).