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I wonder if anyone can offer any help or advice. When trying to load Pro Tools the following error message comes up:

"Pro Tools with TDM requires the TDM mixer plugin in the plugins folder"

I've tried searching the forums here and the digidesign forums but had no luck in finding any information that could help us out.

Many thanks

Are you on a Mac or PC? Sounds like a re-install is in order. On Mac,
the mixer plug-in should be located at Library->Application Support->Digidesign->Plug-Ins. You should see both the dithering and non-dithering
mixer engines there.

Check the HD setup guide.....

Switching Mixer Plug-Ins
To switch TDM Mixer plug-ins:
1 Quit Pro Tools.

2 Do one of the following:
• On Windows systems, open the “Plug-Ins
(Unused)” folder (Program Files\
Common Files\Digidesign\DAE).
– or –
• On Macintosh systems, open the “Plug-Ins
(Unused)” folder on your Startup drive
(Library/Application Support/Digidesign).

3 Locate the Mixer plug-in that you want to use,
and drag it to the Plug-Ins folder.

4 Open the “Plug-Ins” folder, locate the Mixer
plug-in version that you no longer want to use,
and drag it to the “Plug-Ins (Unused)” folder.

5 Launch Pro Tools.