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A DVD player can play back in one of two modes: Line Mode or RF Mode. It sounds like yours is playing back in RF Mode. RF Mode applies 11 dB of gain and will limit any peaks above -11 dbFS even if you set the compression profile to None. The only way to work around this is keep your peak levels below -11 dBFS. Anything above will be limited in a pretty bad way (fast attack with a slow linear release). I agree with the idea to try a different DVD player but if you are using the RF cable output, then it will always be RF Mode so don't use the RF cable out. If you are using the RCA plug line outputs, it should be a Line Mode decode. Look in the DVD player menu options to see if it is incorrectly set. But since you never know what kind of system your DVD will play back on, I recommend you always limit peaks to -11 dbFS for a stereo mix. For a 5.1 mix you have to limit even lower so that a downmix doesn't go above -11... trick stuff! By the way, we are working on a product that helps you navigate all this while mixing/mastering.

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