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ryst dont you just love atlanta LOL
everyone acts like they have money but they dont
i did a song with this person or that person but cant pay $250 for a mix LMAO
i've done deals like your stating in the past and end the end im burned... but i also have the artist sign a contract stating that if im not paid in full i own the masters... so hey.. try to go make some money off the songs if you want to....
I actually, I don't like ATL at all. LOL. Moving to LA soon.

As far as the other thing you mentioned....I can't consciously do that. I've RARELY met anyone in this town who is actually who they say they are or where they are going. So I'd rather take the money I'm owed up front and let them give promises to someone else.heh

But again, I'm speaking from a strictly engineer perspective where you have no creative input. When you are in a situation where you are also the producer then you have more options if you really believe in the artist. But when an artist/producer team or a bunch of producers in a team need an engineer and promise back end payment, I don't see how that is ever a good deal for the engineer.