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Old 6th May 2003
Originally posted by Dave Derr
Bruce (or anyone)

Im ashamed to say I havn't used the Massive Passive under the gun in the studio Manley makes such great "no compromise" tube stuff, always putting a new spin on a design.

Does the Massive do the Pultec thing on the high freqs - like when you tweak up the highs on an electric guitar and it just doesnt ever seem to get brittle?? I love that stuff!

ALSO - Bruce, that was a great term you used "Overshooting the Q"... I know exactly what you mean! Thats the sh*t I wanna hear.


P.S. I already know I have to give EveAnna Manley's dealers my VISA card for one of their tube mics (my buddy Wade from Chandler says I MUST, I MUST!) ... should I start whining for the Massive also?
Hey Dave,

The answer is yes. It does the high thing exceptionally well. You have more frequencies to work with also. That is one reason I like it on the mix, you can dial in a"pultec high" without making the mix "hissy".

It isn't a Pultec though(closer to a Lang at times in sound), but you can magle or fix just about anything.

The Pultec is still around in my studio and its being used on all my mixes(on bass mostly). I still find it more useful in my uses, than the Langs(sorry Dave-G).heh

Hey Dave-G, if I had known you were looking I would sold you my pair of Langs(I sold em at a very decent price).