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Old 16th November 2009
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I find it helps define verse and chorus to have wide panned backgrounds in chorus, and tighter panning in verses.

Highs are usually rolled off a bit...

Melodyne can be useful if necessary to allign and stretch individual words to get timing right if backgrounds are loud enough to distinguish individual voices.... and get the transients to match up.... and to help keep a fairly consistant amount of pitch variation if it's getting a bit too random

If I am going for a more modern sound, I will start with a concept... like 3 types of sounds in the verse... then distinguish them. They might look like the following:

1 Single vocal with minimal effects

2 Single vocal with minimal effects and two backing tracks panned 10 and 2 with considerably more verb and a sync'd delay

3 Heavily banded "am radio" eq'd single vocal.

Typical rotation might be 1 with 2 at the end of every other bar, and 3 just before the break into chorus... then chorus with wider panning... sometimes all wide with no center to really give a change from verse.

Obviously a bit much depending on type of song, but I've thrown this type of approach at music that would seem to be far from the mainstream and ended up with something much more "radio friendly" than before the treatment.