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Also, if I want the reverb to sit back in the mix I low pass the fx itself at about 5khz?
theres no exact science to which frequency to cut and how much, but if you imagine noise coming from a distance, its always lacking high frequencies.. so roll off till it sounds dull. personally i lowpass the reverb as well - i can go much wetter than usual for a lush sound with everything above 5k thrown off - but experiment around this number as every sound is different.

for example, the cut at 100hz you mention, i would go much higher than that. doesnt mean it'll work with your material though... safe to say though that an IR thats lowpassed and highpassed 'll sound a lot better in the digital world. lowpassing many elements in your digital mixes specifically helps get rid of many of the reasons people snicker at itb mixes ---- > digital brightness as the name suggests, is in the top end... as far as im concerned, i sack it - dont really fancy the sheen. fwiw, analog desks do this automatically by focusing more heavily on the mids of tracks - digital in contrast focuses cleanly on alot of everything, especially the highs by providing brilliant resolution.

but thats a whole different can of soup all together.

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do whatever you feel like and whatever sounds good.