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Several things are getting discussed here. Rockwool is broady equivalent at slightly denser at around 48 kg/m^3 fiberglas at 64 kg/m^3. the relationship acoustically is not linear.

For thick bass traps, lighter is actually better. 48 or less kg/m#.

Ok I'll probably stick to the lighter stuff then.

Although I'm starting to realise making a triangle shaped box might be a little tricky. Leaving either doing more traditional rectangle slab or square column.

Is a more square shaped column a bad idea for standing in the room corner, ie, would a wider straddled thinner (200mm x 600mm) bass trap be more affective than a less wide (but same m2 area) solid square column (say 400mm x 400mm) which would have 90 degree surface areas instead of a larger single diagonal surface area for handling the lowest of low freqs?. Or are the angles and positions of the exposed surface areas not so important for a bass trap?.
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