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Old 16th November 2009
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ok, thanks for that. I wasn't sure if MTC was just positional or not. I didn't thinks it was since from my understanding it is the midi version of smpte;

MTC stands for MIDI Time Code. Its a series midi messages that tells other devices what time it is at any given moment in hours, minutes, seconds and frames. MTC is simply understood as a conversion of SMPTE timecode that goes down a MIDI cable. It is sent in quarter frame intervals as MIDI system exclusive data.

We've been stretching the mixed track in final cut and have got it to the point where it's 4 frames out at the start and 1 at the end so it is variable drift. It's a bit disturbing that the recording was so sped up, the tape analogy would be like having the recorder on varispeed. I'm not sure why this happened, i can't remember if i set the rme on master or autosync, probably the later since I would have thought the sync info was coming from the mtc hence my pc should have been the slave. Probably should have left the pc as master then.. will have to retest all this.