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Old 16th November 2009
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Tube Pre-Amp & Compressor

Hey all,

I am on the hunt for a tube pre-amp & compressor to run as an outboard effect. Without getting toooo picky, I am really chasing one that can side-chain compress.....and if it was dual channel for stereo it would be PERFECT although that seems to be getting a bit too specific. I have looked around a little bit and come across quite a few tube pre's with compressors that can handle stereo but none seem to offer side-chaining.

And just to get extra picky...I don't have a big budget Thinking something below the 500AU mark... I was originally thinking of the Presonus (i think its Presonus?) Stereo tube pre-amp/compressor....but it doesnt sidechain which is something I am really wanting.

Any help greatly appreciated!