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Old 16th November 2009
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Syncing samplitude to LTC>MTC

If anyone could offer any insight to this problem it would be most appreciated.

I recently recorded a concert that was filmed and I recorded the audio separately in multitrack to my pc rig running samplitude with a rme hd9652 sound card and behringer ada800 converters. I was using an old midiman biport to convert the LTC I was receving from the dv deck that was recording the switched video to MTC.

Problem is, after mixing the audio i imported it back to final cut to line it up with the video to find that it had drifted massively over the duration of the hour of the video. Figuring that the internal bounce must have used a different clock I tried again to export the mix but this time slaving samplitude's playback back to the dv tape and recording the output live to my tascam portable recorder via spdif hoping samplitude would sync correctly.

On reimporting the mix i found again that it drifts wildly this time correlating to 90 seconds worth of drift over the duration of the hour recording (the audio finishes 90 seconds before the video does).

As far as I know i've set it up correctly. The sync setup in samp isn't very complicated, 25fps and mtc input is pretty much it. Both tape and multitrack are recorded at 48khz. Samplitude is showing the same timecode input as is being displayed on the tape but isn't really locking to it. Samplitude does take a couple of minutes to start playing once i've hit play on the dv deck but eventually samplitude does start.

Any response appreciated.